Our healthcare realm is dynamic! The interprofessional workforce striving to manage shifting issues that impede the quality of care rendered to patients, caregivers, and communities. The professional resilience of each person is tested daily by managing population realities: health disparities and access to care, increased utilization of care and costs, a vast cultural lens of diversity, equity and inclusion, resource provision and linkage, regulations, funding, and reimbursement, as well as quality of treatment for complex co-occurring chronic, serious, and terminal illnesses. This wholistic health triad of physical, behavioral, and psychosocial health challenges the knowledge-base and ethical core of each person.

Ellen’s Interprofessional Insights empowers the disruptor within us all, whether student, new or more seasoned practitioner, plus organizational leader across professional disciplines in the health and behavioral health area. Topics impact quality of patient-centered practice, encompassing the state of the social determinants of health and mental health, cultural and racial disparities, regulations, technology and innovation, interventions and practice models, and management of collective occupational trauma via trauma-directed care and leadership models.

Follow this blog for a biweekly dose of knowledge to leverage and advance your practice.

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